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How COO of Coldwell Banker Advantage uses voice search devices.
Posted by Bryan Selser on February 21, 2019 in  Real Estate Technology
Written by Rick Gregory, COO at Coldwell Banker AdvantageI love my Alexa. Unlike my kids, I don’t have to compete with Fortnite for her attention….she actually listens to what I say and even responds. Alexa plays the music I ask for, gets me the news and up to date weather. And now I’m starting to expand my daily interactions by multi-tasking between ‘honey-do’s’ and asking Alexa for information on some great vacation spots. I’m so fascinated with what Alexa and Google Hom... read more

The Future of Finding A Home with Real Estate Voice Search

Coldwell Banker Advantage is first in Carolinas to bring consumers an easy and advanced way to search for homes in the Triangle.
Posted by Bryan Selser on January 10, 2019 in  Real Estate  Real Estate Technology
Finding your dream home has certainly evolved over the years. It started with word of mouth between family, neighbors, or friends. Maybe one of them knew someone that knew someone who was “selling the cutest little house”. Next came newspaper ads which made it possible for many more people to find out about homes for sale, but they were limited by small photos and short descriptions. The advent of the internet brought considerable advancements to home searches. It made it possible to search limitle... read more
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