Experience The Edge

Experience The Edge
Becoming a real estate agent is exciting . . . and a little scary. This industry offers so much: an opportunity to make a great living and an opportunity to be in control of your time, your life, and your decisions, all the while providing an important service that clients need. To thrive in this profession requires a strong skillset, a strong mindset, and the right tools.  “This is why we created The Edge to provide guidance and the necessary tools to achieve and maintain success.  The Edge and Coldwell Banker Advantage can lead you to new heights,” says Eddie Speas, Chief Operating Officer of Coldwell Banker Advantage.  “We build professional agents, agents who can truly help buyers and sellers with the daunting process of buying and selling a home.”

In cooperation with the best real estate educators in the industry, The Edge training program will develop your skills and knowledge beyond what you have learned in your pre-licensing education. This is important because pre-licensing education doesn’t teach you how to prospect for new clients, market your listings, or even how to market yourself. These skills are key to building and maintaing your real estate career and to thrive in this profession. We give you The Edge in this course by the following six steps:

  1. Basecamp: The most successful journey starts with the most rigorous preparation. So we kick things off with an in-depth onboarding program and introduce you to your Agent Service Representative team.
  2. The Ideal Guide: It always helps to head out with someone who’s been in your shoes before. Your individually assigned Training Navigator, who is an experienced Coldwell Banker Advantage Realtor, serves as your mentor throughout the training process, to make sure you get the most out of every step.
  3. Mapping Your Route: Once you’ve been exposed to the basics, it is time to start thinking about charting your climb to the top. We will show you how to use business planning and goal setting to uncover and refine your unique definition of success and figure out the best way to get you there.
  4. The Right Equipment: We make sure you have access to the best, most up-to-date gear, from trusted industry partners and mobile tools to e-marketing programs and online forms library. With The Edge training, we make sure you know how to use it all wisely. 
  5. Training & Education: You will take classes to develop essential sales skills, and have round-the-clock access to video-based training. You will also be able to take advantage of Flash Training Sessions whenever new ideas and teachable moments arise because on this kind of trek, you can’t always operate by the calendar.
  6. Mindset: Beyond the skills and tools you need to be a successful agent, the proper mindset is crucial, Throught The Edge, you will learn how to develop the perfect mental outlet, create positive energy, and channel everything you've got toward achieving your professional and personal goals. 

In a very real way, your ultimate success starts here: with a carefully crafted, impressively thorough course of study and action that combined with some good old fashioned dedication, can help you reach your most lofty goals. The confidence that you will build through this program will translate into closings for you and the satisfaction that you helped someone accomplish their dream.

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